Basic Setup


After theme installation, it’s recommended that you set wordpress permalinks to Post name structure. This permalink structure is much more user friendly and it’s good for SEO. Permalinks can be changed in Settings > Permalinks menu in admin.


Home Page area can be easily customized with home page objects, you can control what to show on home page from Display > Home Page menu. Sidebar widgets are controlled with regular widget areas in Appearance > Widgets

Layout of the Home Page can be changed from Display > Display setup menu in admin

To upload Logo, select your image in Display > Logo.


Website navigation menus can be controlled from Appearance > Menu in admin. By default there are 2 menus, top menu and main navigation menu. You can choose whether to have only one, both or none of these menus.

From this area you can customize each menu and choose which items to show. These can be pages, categories, custom links, etc. If you want to add Video Categories or Tags, make sure this is enabled in Screen Options (checkbox for Video Categories and Video Tags checked).


Layout for video page can be changed in VB Settings > Display menu. Other settings like comments, related videos, categories/tags display, player, etc can be controlled from VB Settings > Display > Video Page.


To include blog page on the website, create new page in Pages menu and assign “[vb] Blog” template to it. This page will automatically show your latest blog posts.


If you want to limit certain content only to users with specific membership package, wrap the content within [vbpremium show="2"][/vbpremium] shortcodes and it will be visible only to users with specified membership package, in this case to users with membership package ID of 2. To limit content to registered users only (blocking guests to see content) use [vbmember][/vbmember] shortcode. Shorcodes can be used on pages, posts or video pages text/content.

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