Membership Setup

To have your theme ready to accept payments and charge for membership packages make sure that following options are set:

  1. In VB Settings > General menu in admin, Membership Packages option needs to be enabled. This will automatically enable packages on registration so user can select free or paid packages.
  2. In VB Settings > Memberships tab, click on Add New button to add new membership package. This will give you option to enter package title, price and expiration time. To have free membership package type in 0 in price field. For paid packages you can enter amount which you intend to charge members with. In Features section you can click on Add new button to list any features which you would like to show for each package.
  3. Enable payment gateway(s) which you will be using to accept payments. In Orders > Payment Options, enable payment gateway which you want to be active and enter details/credentials needed to setup account.

When this is set, you can start accepting payments on website. Membership packages which are set from Memberships menu will automatically show on registration for users to select.

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