Popular WordPress plugins to improve your website SEO

Popular WordPress plugins to improve your website SEO

Optimizing your website for search engines is an important step to improve your online presence and get more organic traffic. When using WordPress as a platform this can be a lot easier job thanks to plenty of plugins that are available to help you with all of the SEO tweaks on website. Here is a list of useful plugins which will enhance and optimize your site content.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is without doubt the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. It allows you to fully control display of your title and meta description of individual posts/pages, find the focus keyword, check readability and rate SEO optimization of your text. XML Sitemaps are also included so you don’t have to use another plugin to generate your sitemap. This plugin also includes option to link your social media accounts for additional optimization with social media pages together with search console where you can track terms from your google webmaster tools. These and many other extra features are available with free version of Yoast SEO plugin.

All in One SEO Pack

This is another popular SEO plugin which is quite similar to Yoast SEO. It gives users possibility to customize meta titles and description of individual posts (or post types). There is also option to customize title of different pages like category or archive page, search results page and so on. It’s very good alternative to Yoast SEO plugin when you don’t have possibility to use it as your first choice.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can have negative impact on SEO of your website and it can be daunting task to find which links of your website are broken. This plugin will automatically look for broken links and display list of them for you to edit or remove. Links can be checked in posts, pages, custom post types, custom fields, menu items and comments.

SEO Friendly Images

This is a very useful plugin which will automatically add alt and title tags on images if they are missing or if you enable option to override them if they already exist. It’s a lightweight plugin which doesn’t actually modify any images or content in database, it just dynamically changes HTML output for image tags to include necessary image tag attributes.

SEO Redirection Plugin

SEO Redirection Plugin gives you option to easily add link redirections from your admin panel without modifying any files. It’s a very good plugin to use in combination with Broken Link Checker so that you can redirect broken links to appropriate pages. For the best SEO result you should use 301 redirect for link on which you want to apply redirection.

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