Theme Update 2.0.9

Hello Everyone

This version update includes couple of new options and few fixes. External libraries are updated to latest version and there are some extra features added in the theme. Full list of changes is displayed below


- copyright text customization
- font awesome icons updated to 4.2.0
- mediaelement updated to 2.16.3
- videojs updated to 4.11.2
- favorites count fix
- account videos showcase home page object added
- top menu fix
- new packages display
- play button on hover
- column options for video item
- widgets style changes
- recurring payment for paypal
- topsearch right icon modification
- new header layout with logo + search
- responsive videos improvements
- login/profile widget added

In this update there is a slight change in thumbnail sizes so some image will have to be re-generated. This can be done using plugin

If you notice problems with video items display or images, make sure you clear browser cache and re-save changes from Display > Item Display menu, set Videos per column dropdown to appropriate number of items per column.

As usual, you can easily update the theme from Appearance > Themes menu in admin of wordpress

For any other issues feel free to contact support anytime.


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