Theme Update 3.0.4

Hello Everyone

New VideoBoard theme version 3.0.4 has been released and it’s available for update. This update includes multiple fixes and one new feature which is video playlist. Your website users can now create playlists from their account and make them private or public. This version also introduces new video page layout which allows for more control over the display of elements on video page. If your layout appears to be broken at first just clear your browser cache and it should be fine. This is due to style changes in CSS files. Full list of changes in this new update can be seen below.


- No Videos to show and No Categories to show added to home page objects
- comment_status CSV import tool problem fixed
- Membership label style in Users menu on hover fixed
- Main bootstrap files updated to 3.3.7
- Bootstrap themes updated to 3.3.7
- Sample video IDs updated
- Sample videos during installation are now loaded locally
- MediaElement.js updated to 2.22.0
- Added support for nested shortcodes with do_shortcode()
- Fix for link propagation in Text home page object
- CSS fix for membership tables in firefox
- Fix for Insert Into Post in Logo, Favicon and Default image fields. It defaults to image url now
- Playlist implemented

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